Dr. Nino is a product of Chicago, Illinois – born on the West side and raised in University Park, Illinois.  Growing up, he spent his entire life trying to navigate life in the middle: (a) Black & Puerto-Rican; (b) his father’s youngest & his mother’s oldest child; (c) school in the south suburbs & summers in Humboldt Park.  What was once viewed as an impediment to his identity development is now embraced as his training ground for his life as a scholar-practitioner.  

Long before he sought to use his knowledge, skills, and abilities to play his part in leaving the world a better place than that which he has traversed, Dr. Nino battled to resist the maladaptive norms imposed upon his black body – a journey that he continues to navigate to this day.  This journey has been guided by the desire to answer to one question: 


What does it mean to be a black man in America?

In seeking his truth, Dr. Nino acquired his Ph.D. in the Social and Cultural Studies of Education from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  His studies allowed him to develop as an inter-disciplinary scholar due to his motivation to deconstruct the phenomenon that is black manhood with the goal of liberating black males of the master narrative as to what it means to be a black man in America.  

Guided by black feminist thought, Dr. Nino uses his academic training coupled with his life experiences to reconstruct black manhood to empower black males to create space (internally) as well as spaces (externally) that allow them to: (a) resist the limited roles afforded to black males in America; (b) heal from the trauma inflicted upon us due to the correlating norms; and (c) reconstruct black manhoods that embrace all, rather than limit, the development of multiple representations of the phenomenon.

In addition, Dr. Nino uses his training as a social justice educator to support educational institutions and community-based organizations in the development of cultures, programming, and practices that resist the Imperialist, white Supremacist, Capitalist, Hetero-patriarchal ideals that maintain the inequality in America.

Currently, Dr. Nino serves as the Chief Operating Officer for the Excellence and Advancement Foundation, an Austin based non-profit organization dedicated to transforming how communities and schools combat the school to prison pipeline.