Currently, Dr. Nino is in the process of acquiring his transformational coaching certification from the International Coach Federation through the Graduate Institute for Holistic Studies. 


In contrast to western practices of counseling that adhere to pathological models that approach clients as broken, transformational coaching approaches clients as whole individuals capable of self-healing.  In other words, every individual has the inner resources they need to: (a) grow, develop, and transform and (b) the creativity, courage, and wisdom necessary to life healthy and productive lives.  


Thus, clients will work with Dr. Nino to navigate constraint-release models to achieve wholeness by releasing what already lies within.  Sessions with Dr. Nino will be guided by three principles: (1) we are divine; (2) we are human; and (3) to be fully human is to be divine.  Dr. Nino will utilize eastern philosophy and practices to aid clients in connecting with their spirit to heal their inner child, discover their inner passions, and align with their authentic self – resulting in healthier, whole individuals capable of contributing to healthier families, communities, and organization.


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